Exciting Holidays with Little Ones

I remember being a little girl and absolutely loving the holidays - Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and every other one. I loved getting together with family, loved the traditions, the activities, and of course the candy and presents. As I got older it was not about the candy or presents, I just really enjoyed the... Continue Reading →

The dreaded “immunizations”

We were sitting in the waiting room - Jace was smiling, saying "hi" to everyone sitting near us or walking by, and we were laughing at this man down the hall that was "singing" some lyrics to a song and clearly did not know anyone could hear him. It broke my heart seeing Jace's sweet... Continue Reading →

Why I buy second hand.

You're pregnant with your first baby and your stoked on your first trip shopping for baby items. You walk into the store and instantly you find "THE" stroller... but, then you see the price tag. You then walk further into the store and find the comfiest rocking chair... but, then you see the price tag.... Continue Reading →

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