Why I buy second hand.

You're pregnant with your first baby and your stoked on your first trip shopping for baby items. You walk into the store and instantly you find "THE" stroller... but, then you see the price tag. You then walk further into the store and find the comfiest rocking chair... but, then you see the price tag.... Continue Reading →


The first year is one of the most exciting yet challenging years - especially with your first. Now how do you get through some of those tough days - the days your baby just won't stop crying, the teething days, or even the sick days (which we battled today)? Jace was born in September 2016... Continue Reading →

Bed Time Routine – FUN!

Robert and I have been so lucky with Jace as our first little monkey. Since day one he has always been such a great sleeper and once we got him on a schedule he was stuck on it! Since we brought Jace home from the hospital we always implemented a bed time routine. We did... Continue Reading →

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