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I am the Mediocre Mommy behind all the blogging and my name is Laura. My family is a family of four – myself, my husband Robert, our son Jace, and our daughter Cassidy. We also have one dog, Bella, who has been in our family since she was a pup back in 2013.

Robert and I got married in June of 2018 and have been together since May of 2012 – he is my high school sweetheart.

Fresh 48 Cassidy-19

I was lucky enough to meet the love of my life when I was only 17 years old and I am still head over heels for my hubby! Jace was born in 2016 and our little miss Cassidy was born in 2019 – the best days of our lives were the days our kiddos were born.

As I write this I am currently 3.5 weeks postpartum after having Cassidy enter our crazy family just about a month ago! We live in British Columbia, Canada and that means I am on maternity leave for the next year with my kiddos, but when I am not on maternity leave I work at a local law firm as a certified Legal Administrative Assistant.

I started this blogging adventure back in 2018 in hopes to unwind for some “me time” while doing something I love (writing!), and to also meet new people. I have met some amazing mamas and I am so glad I decided to jump into this adventure and continue on with it. Saying this, please don’t hesitate to message me through the blog or contact me through Instagram… I love to hear from you guys!

Overall this blog is a lifestyle blog and I want to incorporate many things into it – tips and tricks, diary like blogging, favorite recipes, routine and tidy schedules, etc. If you are wanting me to blog about anything in particular please let me know!

Make sure you follow our blog to keep up to date with any new posts and also follow us on Instagram under “adventuresofthegroots”. We are glad to have you with us through our adventures amongst all the struggles, chaos & fun ❤

Lots of love from,

The Mediocre Mommy & the Groot fam!



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