Memorable Moments and Lessons for Mom

Tonight was just a regular Friday night. After dinner my hubby decided to take Jace to the race track, which is usually where they end up most Friday nights. When they got home Rob came upstairs carrying Jace fast asleep on his shoulder. As I tried to not wake him up, I changed him into his pj pants. He partially woke up and my instant thought was “Crap, he isn’t going to go back to sleep.” But this reaction changed because when he realized it was me changing him he said with so much excitement, “Mommy!”

“Yes Bud?”

Before I could even finish my two word sentence, and with his half asleep voice and little stutter, “Daddy took me to the racetrack tonight! There were race cars. Really big ones! And they went reeaaalllyyy fast, like ZOOOOMMM!” as he pretended his hand was a race car to show me just how fast they went.

Then reassured me again, “REALLY fast Mommy!”

My heart instantly melted. This short, spontaneous trip to the track with his Daddy on a night when the pro mod race cars were racing, just may be a memory he will remember forever. It sounds so silly, or at least makes me feel so silly, but this small moment I had with Jace before he went to bed made me emotional because it reminded me of a few valuable lessons I tend to forget: that the little moments tend to make the best memories and that we really need to just not sweat the small stuff.

In this moment I am so glad I put my worry of it being an hour past his bed time aside to hear and share in his pure excitement. My kiddos are usually so on their schedule that bedtimes make a hell of a difference the next day. If they go to bed even 20 minutes late sometimes it will still make a difference in how the next day is, and because of this I find myself so focused on times or schedules, especially bed times – hopefully I’m not the only one! Then there are moments like this one today that send me a friendly reminder to not sweat the small stuff, its not worth the stress and memories may be made because of it. Jace had so much fun and sometimes that is really all that matters.

Little moments like this one are what I am so glad to see our kiddos experience. That pure excitement, the joy, the happiness – all of it will not be forgotten and this may just end up being a memory that lasts a lifetime. It really is the little moments that matter most. The little moments stick. The little moments will be remembered. When I think back to my childhood it is the little details of certain things that tend to stick out so vividly, the little moments where there was no plan, no stress, just fun, love, and excitement – this is what I want for my kids. I want the little things about their childhood to stick out, to be remembered, because that means they had a good childhood full of memorable times and experiences.

It is amazing what our little ones can teach us and remind us without deliberately meaning to. The lessons I learn from Jace, and I am sure I will learn from Cassidy, are by far my favorite. Hope all you Mamas enjoy the rest of your night and have a fantastic weekend! Stay tuned for some more struggles, chaos & fun from this Mediocre Mommy! ❤

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