When did I blink?

The terrible twos stage is the stage every parent dreads. When we had Jace I don’t even know how many times I heard “Oh you just wait until the terrible twos hit” but there was something people left out about this stage – all the things that I will miss.

Being a new mama of two kiddos has had its challenges this past month – some days way more challenging than others. However, it gave me a wide awakening as to how fast time goes by and a reminder to really enjoy every stage, even the hard ones, because once they move on to something new you will never get that moment back.

I say this as I sit here holding Cassidy reminiscing on sitting in this very spot on our couch, holding Jace when he was a newborn. It honestly feels like just yesterday Jace was the newest addition to our family and now here we are going through the “dreaded” terrible two’s with him. This is why I have learned in the past couple weeks that even though the terrible two’s can be very tough some days, it’s also a stage that I am going to miss so so much when it is done.

I say this because while it is a very trying time it is also the time he learned to say “I love you Mommy so so much”, or to rough house with Daddy in the middle of the living room, or really show his likes and dislikes. I could go on and on and on but the point is there are so many incredible moments in the terrible twos.

I can honestly say I will also miss the tantrums, whining, and sass (well let’s be real, he is my child so the sass he probably has for life). I will miss him whining to go to Daddy’s shop because he wants to help build his race car because one day he will be in that very shop with his buddies telling his Daddy to leave him alone. I will miss him throwing a tantrum because Mommy and Daddy told him he is to small to ride Daddy’s dirt bike because one day he won’t be to small and will have his own dirt bike. I will miss the “I am sorry Mommy, I am just tired.” after a tantrum and I will miss the cuddles and the “I love you” after that. I will miss the whine we get from him if we stop rubbing his back before he is asleep.

My point is, one day there won’t be whining, there won’t be tantrums, and there won’t be sass (or at least a bit less of it). One day we will have a quiet home with our kiddos starting their own lives, starting their own families, and I know I will most definitely look back and say “Where did my little two year old go?”… “Where did the innocence go?”… “When did I blink?” So Mama’s, try to remember the good moments during the “terrible” twos… the cuddles, the “I love you’s”, the need for your attention, love, and affection, the little moments that will be so missed later on. It goes by way to quick so remember… don’t blink!

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