Birth Story with our Little Princess

As you all know we were awaiting the arrival of our little princess, Cassidy, and it seemed as though she was never going to make her arrival (I literally began to think I was going to be pregnant forever). Well she finally decided to make her arrival on January 31, 2019 at 9:33am, weighing in at 7lbs 15oz.

Our little miss definitely wanted to make it apparent that she inherited her Mommy’s stubbornness early on! This birth story starts all the way at week 36… Robert had taken me into the hospital to get checked out on the NST monitors as I had been having consistent strong contractions at about 10 minutes apart all night long. The doctor decided to get us to stick around for a couple hours to see if anything progressed, at which time she would decide how to proceed. My contractions got closer together; about 8 minutes apart, and they decided to admit me due to the fact I was showing signs of preterm labour, which they were also worried about since about week 27. Long story short, I was in the hospital for two days got discharged as the contractions, even though they were very strong and consistent still, were not dilating me past 1cm, and then got readmitted and redischarged one more time that week. All in all, I spent over half the 36th week admitted in maternity.

Week 37 came around and I was still pregnant and still having consistent strong contractions. I was glad at this point that I was now considered full term, but very confused how to tell when to go to the hospital as I was already having the contractions they say to come in with. It really was a guessing game. I spent this week doing an intense amount of walking, stairs, squats, and other things to induce labour on my own because after having strong consistent contractions for that long I was done and just wanted to meet our princess.

Week 38 came around I had gotten a membrane sweep done at my weekly check up, and proceeded to do lots of walking, stairs and squats. At least if this little girl was not going to come out I was just going to be very fit by the time she did! Once this week hit I was beyond done with being pregnant because with Jace I went into labour at 38 weeks on the dot and had him at 2:10am the following morning. Luckily, the sweep I got helped and I started to have some light bleeding (which actually scared the crap out of me!). After a day of light bleeding I started to get even stronger contractions and had called Robert home from work as the nurses at triage had asked me to come in and get checked when I called them with questions. My Dad had picked up Jace and Robert and I headed for the hospital.

When we arrived they checked me and I had finally progressed to 2-2.5cm. They advised me I could either go walk around for a couple hours to try and get things going or I could go back home and rest. Robert and I decided to go for dinner then walk around and do stairs for two and a half hours at the mall. We went back and I had progressed to 3cm, so the doctor gave me another sweep and got us to go walk around for another hour and a half, but this time wanted us to stay in the hospital as she had an inclination that things may progress quickly. After the additional hour and a half of walking, stairs, and squats I was definitely feeling like things were progressing and Robert was definitely feeling like it was time for bed after I made him walk for so long after a full day at work (oops!). Finally, I was 4.5cm and she admitted me with a plan to get things moving along quickly (or quicker, at least).

Once I was in my room they broke my water right away and then got us to go and walk around for an hour and a half (again) to try and get things progressing. They had the plan that if I did not progress in this hour and a half that they would be putting me on Oxytocin. With Jace as soon as my water broke my contractions stopped completely and this is what they were worried about happening again, so instead of wasting time and tiring my body out they gave us an hour and a half to get things going. Unfortunately walking around and sitting in the tub did not help as my contractions slowed right down like last time, as soon as my waters broke. I got an epidural before they put me on Oxytocin as they have to give me quite a high dosage of Oxytocin to get things to progress which makes the contractions way more intense. With Jace I almost waited to long for the epidural, which would have resulted in c-section, so I was not going to make that same mistake twice!

I got the epidural and Oxytocin around 2am, and at 6:45am I was only at 5.5cm still but Little Missy’s head was sideways. I used the exercise/birth ball to rotate her head. Around 9:25am the doctor came in and said they were going to see where things were at and was very surprised to find Cassidy’s head right there (finally, she was ready to be born!). The nurses and doctors were caught off guard with how quick things progressed and were running around the room trying to get things ready for the delivery. Two pushes later, at 9:33am our Little Princess, Cassidy Ann Grootendorst, was born.

Mama and Baby were all healthy and the healing process has gone great. Cassidy is already growing like a weed being the star nurser she is. Jace has been in awe with being a big brother and loves his sister beyond belief. Even though it was a long, very long wait for this little missy, she was well worth the wait and our family is finally complete!

If you have made it this far to read our complete birth story, thank you! I know its a long one. How long were you in labour with your little ones? Let me know what you would love to see on the blog next! Maybe a tour of the nursery? Stay tuned for some more struggles, chaos & fun from this Mediocre Mommy! ❤


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