5 Step Checklist to Nesting before Baby

Whether you are expecting baby # 1, 2, 3, or 4 it is such an exciting time but as you get closer to the due date you start to think of all the things you need to do before Baby’s arrival, and I don’t know about you but this can get a bit overwhelming. Nesting is a natural thing that hits most expecting mama’s and it can get to an extreme level near the end of your pregnancy. I have heard of Nesting hitting all expecting mommy’s at different times but with both of my pregnancies it started to set in around week 26 or 27 and got to a whole other level closer to the due date.

To make it a little easier on the expecting Mama’s I decided to put together a 5 step checklist to simplify the things that may need to get done around the house before the arrival of your bundle of joy!

1. Wash Baby Clothes, Bedding, etc.

Around week 30 for both of my pregnancies I bought some baby (or scent free, hypoallergenic) laundry detergent and washed all the baby clothes, bedding, carriers, etc. This can be quite time consuming but it is definitely nice to have everything ready for Baby’s arrival. I already had the clothes organized by size so I washed each size separately (about 2-3 loads per size); however, I only washed the newborn and 0-3 month clothes for now and the rest are stored in bins at the top of the closet. The reason I only washed these two sizes is because these are the two sizes I have currently in the dresser for Baby’s arrival, and who knows when she will fit the other sizes so they may need to be rewashed at that point anyways.

I also make sure to wash all the bedding, change pad covers, receiving blankets, swaddle blankets, baby carriers, etc. so that everything is ready to use when we bring little miss Cassidy home! While washing everything I also made sure to wash the swing and bouncer seat since they have been sitting in storage for two years, and wiped down the car seat in accordance with the cleaning instructions for the seat we have.

2. Clean and Organize junk drawers, cupboards, etc.

My house is generally quite organized to begin with; however, I am fairly certain everyone has at least one or two junk drawers and cupboards that annoy the heck out of you when you open it and things fall out – aka Tupperware cupboards.

I always like to clean out the junk drawers and cupboards before Baby’s arrival because it 1. is nice to do a good purge to make room for all the new baby items, 2. is good to get the junk out of the house while you have the time, and 3. helps relieve stress once Baby arrives as it will not be necessary to feel the need to clean anything out when you should be resting.

3. Pack Bags for Hospital

I generally start to pack my bags for the hospital around week 30 and make sure they are fully packed around week 33 or 34. It is always better to be prepared than to not have things ready and something happen a bit earlier than expected!

As for what I pack in our hospital bags, I will definitely be adding a blog post about this fairly soon, along with some pictures of our bags packed up.

4. Deep Clean of House

When the nesting really starts to set in for me I will start to do my deep clean of the house before Baby’s arrival (generally around week 34). I try to split the tasks up throughout a couple weeks because this will also help time pass more quickly near the end when it may start to seem like the days are inching by as opposed to flying by, but also helps to not overdo it all in one day. Who knows, cleaning the floors at full term may even get those contractions started for you! I like to have most of my organizing/cleaning done by week 37 as I am then considered full term and baby can technically come any time (Jace was born at week 38, and we will see when little miss Cassidy makes her arrival!).

Deep cleaning of the house may consist of a lot of different tasks for each mama, but a few of the things I like to check off my To-Do List are: mopping the floors, vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, clean all bedding in the house, wash throw pillows, clean windows and mirrors, clean bathroom, wipe down kitchen cabinets, clean inside of microwave and oven, along with many other things.

5. Do Big Grocery Shop and Prepare Freezer Meals

Closer to the end of your pregnancy (I generally do between weeks 35 and 37) I will prepare by doing a big grocery shop and preparing freezer meals (I also make sure we have enough dog food for the upcoming weeks so we don’t need to make a last minute stop at the pet store). The reason I like to do this is so 1. the house is not empty with no food when we come home from the hospital and 2. so we have home cooked meals prepared ahead of time that we can easily heat up amongst the chaos of bringing your new bundle of joy home. When you bring home your little one from the hospital your house will have visitors, the days will fly by, and you will need to rest lots to help in the healing process, so being prepared ahead of time is always so helpful. It is so easy in the first few weeks to forget to keep yourself fed because you are so focused on Baby but this is one of the most important things you need to remember (especially if breastfeeding), and meal preping ahead of time definitely helps with this.

BONUS Nesting Reminder – 

6. Install Carseat

This is such an important task since the carseat installation is part of the hospital discharge process. I generally install the carseat around week 34. Make sure you take the time to install the carseat properly in accordance with the seat instructions and the current carseat laws for where you live. This can be a frustrating task (especially for first time parents) so make sure to take your time and ask for help from a professional if you are in need of assistance. I know locally near us we have Carseat Techs and there are also Free Carseat Installation Days at the firehall.

Well this Mama is off to prep some dinner, relax with a glass of tea, and apparently watch some “Blippy” since that seems to be Jace’s favorite show lately! Stay tuned for some more struggles, chaos & fun from this Mediocre Mommy! ❤


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