Rustic Wedding of our DREAMS ~

Well it has been a long two months but this Working Mama is back in full force!

In May, I had to make the decision to put blogging aside for a bit until the wedding chaos was complete. I have the tendency to get overwhelmed with stress and juggling wedding planning, working full time, and being a full time mama was enough to make me be exhausted by the end of the day (and end of the day, being like 8:00pm when I would pass out with the lights still on- pathetic I know)! Now that the wedding is complete and we have gone on our honeymoon I am so glad to pick up the pen and paper – or in reality, my laptop – and start writing again. Mama’s we need to reminder ourselves…. we need a break to and that means sometimes we need to set something aside for the time being in order to keep our sanity and, remember, it is okay to do this!

Two months ago the wedding planning hit me real hard. It seemed like every day I had a million messages to answer, someone else to pay, along with my million paged to-do-list (if you know me, you know my lists). I decided, for my sanity, I really just needed to take a break and really needed to focus on the wedding as it seemed like the days were just flying by us.

So now, fast forward two months and I am finally now a Grootendorst! Now some people are like “Holy going from “Enos” to that name is a big change!” Well, yes, yes it is but it is a change I was actually excited to make. After six years of being together and one child later, I couldn’t be happier to be apart of the Grootendorst family and to take on the name as my amazing hubby’s wife.

Now, I have had a lot of people ask, how did the wedding go!? Honestly, the wedding was a day of our dreams and it most certainly was one of the best days of our life (the other best day being the day Mr. Jace was born). However, like every wedding there were definitely a few little quirks that had to be worked out last minute and the three days leading up to the wedding were a bit chaotic but I will get to that later.

We had a rustic wedding with lots of modern rustic decor – mason jars, lots of burlap, candle lights, lace, sunflowers, and baby’s breath. The men of the bridal party were dressed in cowboy boots, dress jeans, white dress shirt with a vest, finished off with a tie. While the ladies of the bridal party were dressed in a cute knee-length grey dress with some brown sandals. Now let me tell you, we had some of the cutest little kiddos in our wedding (of course, Jace was in it!). We had the two boys dressed in cowboy boots, dress jeans, white dress shirts, with brown suspenders, and finished off with an adorable bow tie! Now the flower girl, she looked so darling and was dressed in a denim tulle sleeveless dress with cinoline underneath, some adorable brown ankle boots, finished off with the slightest bit of baby’s breath in her curly hair.


Now of course, a lot people want to know – um, what about the bride’s dress!? Well my dress literally was my dream dress – all lace, clear sides, open back, buttons up the lower back, fitted, slim, long train – everything I wanted. When I went out looking for dresses I definitely did not think I would find it the first time and, to my surprise, it was one of the first few I tried on at the first store I went to, but I knew as soon as I put it on that it was the one. I topped my dress off with some cowboy boots that had lace accents up the sides.


The wedding day was literally perfect, everything we could have dreamed of, and was completely worth the chaos before the actual wedding day. Now you are probably thinking, how chaotic could it have really been?!

Well, it all started with me getting a call on the Wednesday before the wedding while I was at work, from the big chain store that we got our bulk flowers from, saying “We have some bad news. We lost half your flowers.” Now, as soon as I heard the “bad news” the panic began. Now luckily, they found my flowers; however, they weren’t sure what half of the flowers went missing, they weren’t sure what flowers were going to get to me on time, they weren’t sure what condition the lost flowers were going to be in, and they weren’t sure when I was going to get the lost flowers. Once the lost flowers were found they shipped them out to be received the day before the wedding (so, on the Friday), but the problem was, I needed to put all the flowers together myself and they couldn’t guarantee I would even receive the flowers before 8:00pm Friday evening – and let me remind you, they still couldn’t guarantee the condition of the flowers or that I was going to receive the correct type of flowers.

Thursday came around, I received the first batch of my flowers – the half that did not get lost, but I was still in a minor panic about not having any answers to whether I was going to get the other half of the flowers I ordered and/or whether they were going to be in usable condition. On top of the flower chaos, I got my hair done Thursday morning – now my one piece of advice to any bride is do not get your hair done a couple days before your wedding. Yeah, hair round #1 did not turn out the greatest and my hair turned white – like, literally white – but luckily my hair dresser did fix the error that evening and it was all looking good by the time I went to bed that night. I seriously do not wish the hair fiasco upon anyone. That is one moment before the wedding I did not keep my composure and was definitely a blubbery crying mess – but it all turned out and now I can look back on it and laugh… sort of.

Anyways, Friday – the day before the wedding – was finally here, and let me tell you it was a very busy day! Full of set up, planning, rehearsal, oh ya – and flowers… haha, the flowers… well I will start off with saying we did receive our lost flowers which ended up being the baby’s breath and we did receive an extra batch of sunflowers because the store we ordered from sent them out just in case we did not receive the first batch since they could not guarantee they got sent out when they believed they did. However, we were told that it had been expressed to the delivery company that we needed the flowers in the morning no questions as we needed the flowers to be put together and, therefore, needed time to do so. Well, we set up the whole wedding decor, we rehearsed everything, and still… no flower delivery. My bridesmaid and I were on our way to go to the access point pick up to which we had made a decision that if they were not there we were then going to go around to florists to buy more baby’s breath to ensure I actually had some, but as we were parking to go in, I got a phone call saying they had arrived – I was so relieved… until I went in and saw one of the boxes literally looked like the delivery truck ran it over. Turned out that, the baby’s breath were in perfect condition (thankfully!) and the extra sunflower batch they sent was not in the greatest condition and not a lot of them got used. However, we had enough flowers to do everything I wanted for the wedding and that is all that mattered in the end! Plus I got a partial refund for the stress endured due to their errors, so that is always nice. Friday night was actually enjoyable and as relaxed as it could have been – once the flowers were received, and once they were received there were flowers everywhere and I mean everywhere in our house.

Saturday morning – the wedding day – rolled around and it really did not even hit me that it was our wedding day at first. The moment it hit me was when I put my dress and boots on, I was walking down the driveway to the limo that was waiting for me, and then as soon as the limo started to drive away – it really sunk in… I am literally on my way to my wedding. I am going to be a wife! It sounds so silly, but I had been planning this day for a year and a half and for it to actually be here was so surreal. Then the nerves hit me! I did not think the nerves would hit me at all, but oh boy did they ever! I was no nervous to walk down that aisle and have everyone staring at me, but as soon as I saw Robert at the end of that aisle I felt relaxed – minus the fact that I stumbled on our vows… twice! AH! That was so embarrassing, but I kind of knew it would happen.


I could seriously go on and on and on about the wedding day because if I could relive it I totally would. It could not have turned out any better and all the chaos before was totally worth it because nothing major really happened on the wedding day and we had all our amazing family and friends there who shared in our special day, which made it a million times better.

Well, it sure does feel great to be back to writing again and I cannot wait to fill you in on more exciting events to come! Anyways, that is all for now – stay tuned for some more struggles, chaos & fun from this Mediocre Mommy! ❤






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