6 Essentials for Teething

I don’t know about you but a guide to a teething baby sounds like a bible for mamas. How to handle all the drool and chewing, how to ease the pain, how to comfort our littles, and how to manage to get some sleep… these are the things I would have loved to get an inside scoop on as a first time Mama experiencing teething and that is why I am here to help you out!

Jace started teething very early at just two months, broke his first tooth at just three months old, and had his front two teeth by three and a half months. I remember being confused when he was showing so many signs of teething, thinking how is this possible you are only two months old?! However, every little one develops at a different pace and some littles won’t get their first tooth until about 6 months old – fast or slow, teething is teething and it really is not the most enjoyable moment for our littles nor us mamas, so what will make it less horrific for you?!

1.  Chilled Baby Teethers

Point blank, these were a lifesaver. However, my biggest tip is to not put these in the freezer but put them in the fridge. I originally had them in the freezer, as most first time Mamas do, but quickly realized during a time of need that Jace wanted nothing to do with putting it in his mouth as it was iced and would stick to his drool. Putting them in the fridge to just cool them made him enjoy the chilled baby teethers a lot more!

2.  Vibration Teethers

The vibration teethers did not overly help when he was teething for the first time as he did not understand the concept of biting to make it vibrate on his gums yet, but once he figured out how to use the vibration teethers, these became the “in thing” in our house! He still uses these on the daily right now as he is currently cutting his second round of molars!

3.  Toothbrush along with Teeth Brushing

We started brushing Jace’s teeth as soon as he started teething so that he got used to the routine of brushing his teeth early, and it wasn’t something he had to learn later. This, to my surprise, became a huge plus as Jace loved to chew on the his Banana Training Toothbrush after we were done brushing his teeth. This toothbrush is made of hypoallergenic silicone, is bendable and soft, and is dishwasher and freezer safe! This was another lifesaver for us during the teething moments!

4.  Nuby Nibbler Mesh Feeders

Again, these weren’t the greatest for the first time Jace went through teething as he was not able to eat food yet but with teething round two, these were amazing. Jace was just getting introduced to some fruit and loved to munch on things in his highchair, so what better way to relieve his teething pain than by giving him some frozen fruit in the Nuby Nibbler Mesh Feeders for him to munch on. With the mesh having little holes in it, it prevented any choking because it would not allow large chunks out and most of the time it was just juices that actually got into Jace’s mouth, but he loved and I mean loved chewing on the frozen fruit when he had swollen painful gums when trying to cut his teeth.

5.  Pain Reliever for our Littles

Rob and I definitely are those parents that would rather not give Jace a bunch of medications unless it is absolutely necessary. I found myself stuck in a situation where Jace would be so uncomfortable and sore and nothing would help, and then I found the homeopathic, all natural, stuff for Jace that we would give him when he just needed a little something extra to get a good night’s rest or to stop the pain in his gums. We used the Camilia Baby Teething Relief to help in these circumstances and would occasionally use the naturals line of Baby Orajel.

We always tried to keep it natural with the pain relievers for Jace but would use Infant’s Tylenol when the all natural stuff wouldn’t cut it or if he began to get a fever from teething.

6.  Bandana Bibs

When Jace was first teething I loved to use the bandana bibs with cute designs to catch all the drool but still keep his outfits looking cute! If I did not keep a bib on this little monkey when he was first teething I would have probably had to change him every half an hour because of all the drool. Jace was an intense drooler when he first started teething, especially since he cut his first teeth so young he did not yet know how to control the drooling. I wanted to not only keep his outfits looking cute but to also keep him feeling comfortable. I couldn’t imagine having a soaking wet shirt, especially in the winter months!

What are your favorite go-to’s for the teething phases? Have you tried any of these tips? Let me know what you think and if you are having any troubles during the teething months! I would love to hear from you mamas so make sure you comment, send me a message through the “contact me” page, or check out my Instagram “adventuresofthegroots” and personal message me there. Make sure you share, share, share for all those mamas experiencing teething with their littles!

I am off to shower and climb into bed for the night. Stay tuned for some more struggles, chaos & fun from this Mediocre Mommy! ❤


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