The Lessons my Son has Taught Me

I remember being pregnant with Jace and having discussions with Robert about the lessons we want Jace to learn and the experiences we want him to partake in. We would discuss certain parenting techniques and what we thought of them and discuss the lessons we thought were important for him to learn at different stages of his life, but one thing we did not discuss were the lessons Jace was going to teach us.

As we grow older we lose our adolescent outlooks on life and life tends to become a lot more complicated through out the years. Throughout the chaos, us adults tend to stress about things that really don’t matter and can be dealt with later. Since being a Mom I have learned, or been reminded, that life is to short and time goes by way to quickly. It is insane to see how quickly Jace grows and develops. One day he was my newborn being completely reliant on me for everything and now he is a walking, running and talking toddler who, as I said in my previous post, is growing quite his own independence.

This brings me to the next thing Jace has taught me, and that is to enjoy the little things and take in every moment, no matter how small it may seem. Robert Brault once said,

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and

realize they were the big things.”

This quote is entirely true because as our little ones grow older they go through “stages” and in their stages they may do little things that us parents may get annoyed with (ie. getting out of bed at bedtime) but in reality those “stages” go by way to quickly and even though we may get annoyed in that moment, we need to try to enjoy it because the dishes can wait and the show you are watching can wait, because one day – and one day soon – your little one won’t depend on you for that specific thing and you will sit there wishing that moment didn’t pass by so quickly. I know there has been multiple times where Robert and I are flipping through pictures or sitting on the couch reminiscing and we say “Remember when Jace used to…” and that moment passed by so quick that it is now a memory.

Having your little ones growing up, as I have said before, can bring on some stressful days and this is why we parents need to remember every day is a fresh start. I find it amazing how Jace can be so upset going to bed one night because he doesn’t want to go to sleep but wake up the next morning in a great mood and have no memory of the fact he was so miserable when he went to bed. Kids are masters at remembering that every day is a fresh start and I am so glad that Jace has taught me this because it really helps in the whole “enjoying the little things”.

Another thing I have realized since being  a Mommy is that as we grow up we lose the ability to imagine, dream, pretend, and be silly. We live in a world where the society is so judgmental that as you become an adult you strive to fit in or not be “viewed” in a particular way. Jace has taught me to never be embarrassed to be yourself. As a Mommy I imagine, dream, pretend, and be silly on a daily basis. When I am out in public I am not afraid to be silly if it means making Jace smile or laugh. I am not afraid to dream because that is what I want Jace to do growing up – I want him to dream, to set goals for his dreams, and to conquer said goals to live his dream. This is the lesson I am most proud to have learned from Jace because it truly is a very important thing to remember and can change your entire out look on life.

Along with learning from my son to be myself comes the lesson he has taught me to laugh and smile every day – don’t be afraid to be happy and show it. Jace is the light of my life and even if something has put me in a terrible mood his smile or giggle can literally change my whole day around. Smiling, laughing, and being happy are contagious. If you are happy and full of smiles and laughter that will feed onto people around you and this is why no one should be afraid or embarrassed to show happiness.

Becoming a Mommy, or a parent in general, is a life altering experience. In my opinion, it is the best experience you can have and it is the most rewarding experience as well. To see Jace growing up and accomplishing so much at such a young age makes me such a proud Mama. I am not only glad I get to raise such a bright, intelligent, outgoing little man, but I am also so glad that I get to learn so much by raising him. No matter how little our children may be, they are a lot brighter than they may seem and us, as their parents, have just as much to learn from them as they have to learn from us.

What has been your favorite lessons you have learned from your little ones? What has parenthood taught you? This journey of parenthood is such an amazing journey, and I would love to hear some of your experiences ❤ Make sure you comment, send me a message through the “contact me” page, or check out my Instagram “adventuresofthegroots” and personal message me there. Make sure you share, share, share.

Stay tuned for some more struggles, chaos & fun from this Mediocre Mommy! ❤






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