The growth of – INDEPENDENCE –

Growing up I always remember my parents saying “Oh, Laura, why do you have to be so independent sometimes?” I remember hearing stories of how stubborn and independent I was (and still am) and looking back at growing up I definitely can remember being independent… and maybe a bit stubborn to 😉

Being pregnant there is always the thoughts of not only what your baby is going to look like but what their personality is going to end up being. What traits are they going to have from Mommy and what traits are they going to have from Daddy? I don’t know about you but I thought about this all the time. Robert and I are both quite stubborn in certain situations – or with life in general – so we knew our little one would most likely come out strong willed and stubborn, and that he did for sure. Jace is a perfect mix of Robert and I, and now, in these last few weeks, he has really started to grow his own independence, and let me tell you that has been an interesting combination with his stubborn side as well.

Some people may look at being stubborn and strong willed as a down side which of course, just as many other traits do, it has pros and cons but, personally, I love his stubborn side and strong willed personality even though it really tires a Mama out sometimes. It shows me that when he is older and has goals in life he will be driven to achieve those goals and won’t let anything stop him, and I believe 100% that he can and will achieve anything he sets his mind to – just as everyone can.

Now, this stubborn side of Jace has definitely played a role in his recent growth of independence; however, the difficulty we see in independence is certain things he is a bit young to be independent with – for example, swimming by himself, “ya, no child you need us to be holding onto you, you’re a little small”). In the last few weeks I have just seen such a huge mental growth spurt with Jace and I sit here thinking, how can you grow up so fast? He wants to put his shoes on by himself every morning, he tries to put his clothes on by himself and the other day successfully put a pair of pants on, and the newest adventure has been him wanting to sit in a big boy chair so we have swapped him into his booster seat at the dinner table. Now the thing that I love about this recent growth of independence is how proud of himself he gets. To see him grin from ear to ear because he can sit in a “big boy chair” or to grin from ear to ear because he put his shoes on all by himself, it literally makes my day a million times brighter because that is what is going to grow his confidence.


I write this because I have heard people say things like “oh you can’t do that, they will grow up to quick” or “he’s to young for that” but really who set these age restrictions as to how fast a child can develop? Each child is different, each child is going to grow and develop at a different speed – whether it be faster or slower – and what gives us the ability to say “no, I am not going to let you do that because I want to keep you younger for longer”. Each child is going to be ready for certain things at different times and I strongly believe that if your child is wanting to do something and you, as the parent, feel your child is able to do that specific thing – let them do it, let them grow! Each thing they learn is going to develop into another thing they learn, and another, and another. I totally agree it goes by WAY TO FAST but I personally will never hold Jace or any future child back or put a limit on their ability to learn and grow, because independence is a great thing to have and if a child develops that at a young age they will achieve such great things growing up… and again the confidence they grow through their independence is amazing.

What do you guys thing of independence at a young age? Do you let you little ones have the independence they are ready for? Let me know what you think and make sure you comment, send me a message through the “contact me” page, or check out my Instagram “adventuresofthegroots” and personal message me there.

This Mama is off to enjoy the rest of the Sunday evening before hitting the sack! Make sure you stay tuned for some more struggles, chaos & fun from this Mediocre Mommy! ❤


5 thoughts on “The growth of – INDEPENDENCE –

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  1. My mom told me I was I very strong-willed and independent! So far my son (6 months) is already strong-willed but with a little mix of easy going too! Haha I’ll be excited to see how he is when he gets a little older. It’s amazing how much personality they have even in the beginning.


  2. There are so many positive things about a kid being independent! I think it’s a great trait! Your son is adorable…thanks for sharing!

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