The dreaded “immunizations”

We were sitting in the waiting room – Jace was smiling, saying “hi” to everyone sitting near us or walking by, and we were laughing at this man down the hall that was “singing” some lyrics to a song and clearly did not know anyone could hear him. It broke my heart seeing Jace’s sweet innocence not knowing why we were in this building.

Then the nurse called Jace’s name and Jace was still happy as can be… until we walked into the room. Then you could tell he could sense something. I think it was because it looked identical to a doctor’s office and he hates going to the doctor. He was clinging to me and was like a little hanging monkey around my neck. His poor little fingers were clenching to my back as he whined and said “Mama, Mama, No” – it literally broke my heart. Now this is why I call them the dreaded immunizations. I am fully pro immunizations but it just breaks my heart every single time, so I am very glad today was the last time for a few years!

There is nothing us mommy’s hate more than seeing our littles in pain and discomfort. I know I hate getting shots so I can only imagine how scary it is for our littles who don’t fully understand what is going on. Now how do you help soothe your little one after their shots?

When Jace got his two, four, and six month immunizations I will still breastfeeding and I swear this was the best way to soothe him after getting the immunizations. Now, first time Mama’s, I will warn you… you may cry just as much, if not more, than your little one does for their two month shots. Jace’s little cry just broke my big Mama heart and I definitely shed a few tears. However, it really helped sooth Jace to breastfeed immediately after getting the immunizations. I planned it so his appointment was around one of his feeding times and I made sure I had my nursing shirt and bra all unclipped and ready to go before they gave him his shots. When they are that young the skin-to-skin really helps calm them down and so does breastfeeding because that is where they are comfortable and feel safe.


For Jace’s twelve month immunizations he was not breastfeeding anymore and I remember being so nervous, because every other time I either cried or almost cried when he got his shots done, and this time I was taking him without Robert. Me, being a first time Mom, I was not aware that he would be getting four shots all at once and when I found that out I was even more nervous. That time I made sure I had Jace’s blanky and his stuffed elephant named “Blueberry” as those are his comfort items, and I of course had his soother handy as well. This time I really tried to focus on rocking him and consoling him as he was older and comprehended what was going on a little bit more. Making sure I had all his comfort items really helped and I also distracted him with some toys we had in the diaper bag. He didn’t cry for too long but it definitely was longer than all the other times, and he held a bit of a grudge against the nurse after as he would not go anywhere near her.

As for today, his eighteen month immunizations, actually went amazingly well and I am so incredibly proud of my little man. He was such a tough cookie and barely shed any tears. For the twelve and eighteen month shots they are in their arms like regular immunizations and because I knew this ahead of time I had put him in a short sleeve t-shirt. When we were getting him in position for the shot we were joking around with him to make it not seem as bad and telling him we have to roll his sleeve up to show the nurse his muscles – he did giggle a little bit. I was not to sure how this time was going to go as we started the process of taking his soother away a couple weeks ago. Luckily this Mama was thinking and brought a tiny yellow sucker as a treat. Robert gave this to him right after he got his shot and he was so excited because he does not get them very often at all. As soon as he got the sucker he stopped crying all together; I was so impressed. The nurse also brought out her bubbles and he was having fun popping them. By the time we left the room he was “friends” again with the nurse, was laughing, and giving high fives to everyone.

Honestly, Mama’s our littles are stronger than we usually think and they will never stop amazing us. Jace did so incredibly well but I am still so glad he doesn’t have to go through that again for another couple years now!

How do you soother your littles when they get shots?

Let me know your little techniques and if you have any questions on our techniques! I love to hear from you guys so make sure you keep the messages coming ❤ Make sure you comment, send me a message through the “contact me” page, or check out my Instagram “adventuresofthegroots” and personal message me there.

This Mama is off to snooze – happy Thursday everyone! Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday! Make sure you stay tuned for some more struggles, chaos & fun from this Mediocre Mommy! ❤



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