To the Mom at the Park…

To the Mom at the park…

We were out for a stroll to get my son out of the house for some activity and to get some fresh air. As were were walking by the park my son wanted to go play. This was the first day in the last few days that he had finally been acting like his usual high energy self and, therefore, my fiance and I said why not, a few minutes at the park won’t hurt.

My son was having the time of his life – as most one in a half year old children do at the park. He was running, laughing, and had this permanent grin on his face as he slid down the slide and ran with the other little kids. After the last few days of being cooped up in the house, he was finally acting like himself. However, I am sure you didn’t notice this as he fit in with all the other children at the park doing the exact same thing.

Then, my son started coughing from all the running and the cool breeze that drifted in on that brisk sunny afternoon. Once I noticed his coughing starting up again I said “Okay, Jace one last slide then were going to head home for a nap.” This is when I could start to feel the scowl, and to be quite honest it didn’t bother me one bit at this point.

As my son went to go down the slide one last time his shoe fell off. Your daughter was next in line and kept trying to nudge past my son as I tried to help him down the slide, missing a shoe, so he could get out of her way. Again, this did not bother me – every child does it and at a young age waiting is a very difficult thing to comprehend.

My son met my fiance at the bottom of the slide – still coughing, but still with a huge grin on his face. We were patting our son’s back at the bench we sat down on before leaving the park; then my son started to gag from coughing, and as he was coughing a bunch of phlegm came up. This is when I really felt your glare, and this is when it started to bug me. As he coughed up phlegm I got it all over my hands and among the chaos I was trying to clean my hands off so we could find the wipes we had in the backpack, which was on my fiance’s back. As I reached over my fiance and my son to open the backpack I saw you continue to scowl at me as you reached for your “Wet Ones” to go clean you daughter’s hands, who was in the middle of the park playing with her friends and was no where near my son.

Now in this situation, I know you were glaring at me because you assumed my child was deathly ill and had puked just after playing with your daughter, I know you were glaring at me this way because of your immediate reaction to go grab “Wet Ones” to clean your daughter’s hands because apparently the two minutes my son was actually sitting on the slide he obviously contaminated it so bad your daughter had now contracted it.

But, from another Mom, I now ask you…

In that situation did you know my son had been to the doctor the night before to make sure it was just a harmless cough? In that situation did you know the doctor had said my son was perfectly fine and had a lingering cough from the virus he previously had? In that situation did you know the doctor advised that it is normal for children of his age to cough up phlegm due to their gagging reflexes? In that situation did you ever think to even ask if my son was alright? In that situation did it cross your mind to consider offering one of your “Wet Ones” you had brought out, as I stumbled with phlegm all over my hands? And, finally, in that situation do you really think that ridiculous scowl you had on your face was really necessary as I was dealing with my son who needed my help?

I figure the answer to these questions is no… a very unfortunate no.

I write this today because I really feel bad for you. I feel bad for you because you showed me we live in a world where everyone is so judgmental. We live in a world where people don’t want to help other people and people just want to live in their own bubble and judge everything else that is going on around them… Is this really what we want to teach our kids? I know it really isn’t what I want my son learning.

We are our kids parents and as their parents we are their biggest role models. Now, tonight, I leave this with you… think about what you want your children learning because we, the parents, are who they learn it from.

Kind Regards From,

The Working Mommy.


This is a bit of a different post from my previous ones; however, as I sat here thinking of what I wanted to write this is what came into my head immediately. This happened on the weekend and today is Tuesday…. I have been really pondering this for the last few days and I really think it is something we need to remind ourselves about.

We are the teachers of the next generation and we are the role models of our children.

After this bit of intense writing I am off to enjoy a relaxing tea and some Netflix before hitting the sack. Make sure you stay tuned for some more struggles, chaos & fun from this Mediocre Mommy! ❤




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