A list of Sunday Errands & To-Do’s

Lets be real, being a working Mommy can be tough! I am a Mommy with a career and I can definitely say that after those tough days in the office it can feel very draining to come home and have a list of chores or errands to do when I just want to spend time with my kiddo – anyone with me on this?!

Since going back to work at the end of August Robert and I have worked out a bit of a system for Sunday Errands and To-Do’s to keep the rest of our week more organized and relaxed.

During the week Robert and I always hate coming home to deal with the dreaded question, “What’s for dinner?” so to make things easier when we get home from work we started doing a weekly meal plan. I bought a chalkboard calendar and we write out the dinners for the week on the calendar. I love this idea because since it is on a calendar I can look at what we had the last week or two so I don’t cook the same thing over and over until we are sick of it. Also, this has majorly helped in keeping our grocery costs down because since we know what we are eating for dinner every day we don’t buy unnecessary things and we make sure we have anything we need for the meals planned out.

Now that brings me to our next major errand of Sundays… the dreaded grocery shopping. Jace wakes up at 6:30am on weekdays and we continue his schedule on the weekends to make it easier on him, which means we wake up around that time every weekend. Since Sunday mornings are usually pretty uneventful, we decided it would be a great idea to start grocery shopping first thing in the morning – this way you beat the rush of people! Usually we get to the grocery store on Sunday mornings around 8:30-9:00am. To keep costs down I always prepare a grocery list of what we need so unnecessary things are not bought and things are not missed – I generally make the grocery list Saturday evening or first thing Sunday morning, and it is based off of our meal plan for the week. We also started grocery shopping first thing in the morning because I literally despise everything about grocery shopping on Sunday night and apparently Jace inherited that because every single time we would go Sunday night he would get extremely grumpy.

To go along with our usual grocery shop, if we need to do a Costco run on Sunday we generally will finish our usual grocery shop, drop the groceries off at home, and then head to Costco for opening! Costco at opening on a Sunday is not nearly as chaotic if you were to go during the day; however, it is still Costco and Costco will always be chaos.

After all the grocery shopping is done and all the food for the week is bought, we generally will do our weekly meal prep at some point on Sunday, but we generally do this once Jace goes to bed. During the meal prep we will divide any meat we bought to put into the freezer, we cut up the fruit and vegetables we will need, and we also get the lunches ready for Monday at the same time. Sometimes our weekly meal prep will also consist of preping Monday’s dinner or baking anything needed (ie. banana bread – Robert and Jace’s favorite).

To go along with a good smelling house from the cooking and baking, once Jace is in bed we will tidy up the house. Every Friday or Saturday I will do a good deep clean because I literally am one of the biggest neat freaks you will ever meet, but generally on Sunday we still always do a small tidy so not much of anything needs to be done on the evenings during the week. During the “Sunday Tidy” I always finish up any of the dirty laundry we have, clean up any dirty dishes, put away the clean laundry, vacuum the main carpets in the house and sweep the floors. This make Sunday night – once everything is complete – nice and relaxing and you start your week off on Monday feeling fresh and ready!

Last but not least, Sunday Funday in our house is a true thing and since we get all of our grocery shopping and boring errands done in the morning before Jace goes for his nap, then do all the boring chores when he goes to bed – we have all afternoon/evening with him to have family time. We always generally try to do at least one fun family thing on Sunday afternoons – whether that be going to the park, taking a stroll at the mall, going for a walk on the dyke, adventuring up a mountain, visiting a waterfall, or visiting with family and friends – we try to do something to keep life interesting and to make memories any time we have the chance. Sunday’s were always so dull and boring and the family time really spices things up and makes you enjoy your Sunday.

Robert and I used to always put the errands and chores off until last minute on Sunday evenings. This would always make either one of us (or both of us) grumpy, stressed, and tired, and in turn literally made us hate Sundays. Since we have got this routine down where these five things are a must on Sundays and they get done no matter what, it really has saved us the grief of dreading Sundays and made us actually enjoy them instead.

What do you find a struggle on Sundays? How does your family enjoy Sundays!? I would love to hear from you so make sure you comment, send me a message through the “contact me” page, or check out my Instagram “adventuresofthegroots” and personal message me there.

Now this Sunday is coming to a close and this Mama is exhausted to say the least so I am off to enjoy a little time with Robert, maybe grab a tea, and then snuggle into bed. I really hope you all have an amazing week. Make sure you stay tuned for some more struggles, chaos & fun from this Mediocre Mommy! ❤

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